Signs of a Gifted Child

Gifted children are unusually alert, even in ages of their infancy, and are rapid learner too who put thoughts together quickly. They possess an excellent memory, unusual large vocabulary and complex sentence structure, at least complex for their age. The comprehension of word nuances, metaphors, and abstract ideas are so advance, the normal teacher feels like a backbencher, and they enjoy problem-solving, especially the ones with numbers and puzzles, mostly, go through deep, intense feelings and reactions because they are highly sensitive. Their thought processes are complex, insightful, logical and abstract. Everyone understands idealism at a certain age when they get some sense of justice but, gifted children acquire them at a very early age, not only that, they are more concern with issues and injustices related to the society and politics. They possess a longer attention span because of their intense concentration and their potential to learn basic skills quickly and with little practice, but, that doesn’t stop them from daydreaming, as they are preoccupied with their own thoughts Most of the time, people around them are confused as they ask probing questions with a high-level curiosity. Also, they put ideas together which are different and unique.