Identify gifted children

Gifted children are also, like normal children because it has many commonalities but, the gifted children or gifted learners, exhibit different characteristics and ways which express their giftedness. To identify them, various issues are to be considered, which are: Giftedness is never static and always dynamic, which makes identification needs time and multiple opportunities to exhibit gifts, the result of one test must not dictate the decision that someone is gifted or not. Representation of giftedness is done through all ethnicities, income levels, exceptionality groups, and races but, underrepresentation is also a case, which is widely spread. It is estimated that students who are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans, are underrepresented in programs for the gifted by a minimum percentage of 50. Maybe, the giftedness is exhibited within a particular category or an interest or an interest within that category. Experts must look for ways to gather cases across different spaces and settings. Identifying the gifts in the school itself helps to improve the gifts into talents. Thus, gifted children must be identified and helped so that, they become the awesomely talented people they all deserve to be because every child deserves a better life.