Gifted Kids are just normal children, who have a high-performance potential in the areas like intellectual, artistic, creative, leadership capacity or particular academic fields and they require services that are not provided by the school as they fully need them, to develop their capabilities. And mostly, this is the reason that they are noticeable among all the normal kids as they have a great potential. There are many misconceptions related to this topic, and the most popular one is a common misconception that gifted kids are kids who study and learn but, that is not true as gifted kids are kids having a great potential or capacity in any field. One more misconception implies that people fail to differentiate between words like gifted, prodigy, genius and savants but, they are not same, and for clarification, these words are four different words, which mean four different meanings. Gifted Kids Speak is a website that helps and offers services to gifted people, who have a great potential to work and excel in the field they want to work on.

Are Genius, Gifted, Prodigy, and Savant, the same or different?

A genius is a person who is considered to have contributed something big and important in a particular field and to have influenced, by many people and for a long period of time. Actually, the things said above are the definition given by Francis Galton, put in my own words. So, this means a genius is not gifted, not a savant or is not even a prodigy, a genius is a person who is very good in a field and is not someone above a particular IQ, however, high it may be. A genius may be a genius because he is gifted or because he is a prodigy, but, those words don’t mean genius, thus, they are all different.


There are many definitions for this word but, the most accepted one is, a person who has IQ more than 98 percentile of the adult population is a gifted person, as tests do not correlate perfectly, which implies that a bit more than 3% of the population is gifted. It is not correct to consider the children who score equal to or above the 98 percentile mark against the age peers, but, considering them gifted is the process now, so that, they can be taken care and given special teachings to changed status from gifted to talented, but, that can happen, if and only if, they are properly taught and trained in their own format of education. There is a common misconception that a gifted person is someone who is good at that field and yes, they are called gifted by many people, but, that word has a narrower sense which is meant normally. So, this implies that a gifted person may be a prodigy or a genius, that is mere coincidence, and those words don’t actually mean the meaning of gifted.


A child or an adult, who is good and extraordinary at something, is called a prodigy and in most cases, a prodigy is referred to children, there are very fewer chances for adults to be called a prodigy. They are often gifted, but not always, mostly the child prodigies are precocious and not gifted because sometimes they grow up and are not as exceptionally good as the childhood excellence. The main point to be noted is, they are never retarded because if they were retarded they would have been savants and not prodigies. So, this proves prodigies are not savants, and in most cases, they are said to be different from geniuses, but, in rare cases or coincidences, they grow up to be one. To be recognized as a prodigy depends on their childhood’s environment, and when the prodigies grow up and don’t become the genius, the people expect them to become, it is said to be a tragedy, and this is the reason which made us get inclined to an opinion that prodigies are mostly precocious than being brilliant.


A person who is exceptional and extraordinary at one or few skills but, do not have the general intelligence to understand or to put that skill to practice. They are mostly said to be retarded, because of their obsession with their interest and their behavior; and often, they are autistic too, which makes people doubt and feel they are retarded. The above statement doesn’t mean they are all not retarded and also doesn’t mean they all are, that depends on the people. When people talk about themselves being a savant then, they are not likely to be one. And, the savants are also very different from the other three.

How are gifted children different from normal children?

Gifted children are different from normal children or else, they would be called normal children too, is not the only explanation, giftedness is a measure of learning potential. These children learn faster than the normal children and are also fully capable, creatively and productively of giving an output which well above average. High IQ is one of the traits gifted people have but, it does not define them. They are rare but, are not non-existent or mythical, and they are more than just bright. And that is because, a bright child can get the grade A in mathematics and for that, they need some extra effort or enrichment on the side. But, on the other hand, a gifted child may fail in mathematics as they were taught memorization in their early age but, they had the potential to understand even complex calculations if explained properly. You might have known some people who are gifted but, not many, and identifying such children is a priority as they have special needs in the classroom and if fulfilled the outcome would be great on a different level.

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